Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our company. Read below for more information how we came to serve you.

Nestled near a small family oriented community in the Northeast Texas Panhandle a family run business was formed early in the year of 2007.  Duke Equipment Company, LLC located near Darrouzett, Texas has a goal to provide customer service and sales to Smeal Manufacturing, now known as  Hunke Manufacturing, Pump Hoist customers in the water well industry as well as shallow oil and gas industry.  Many people who are users of Hunke Manufacturing’s pump hoists are already familiar with Robert Duke.  Over the past twelve years, he has been immensely involved with Hunke Pump Hoist sales and service. Robert has also worked with Hunke Manufacturing on some design changes and new ideas. While attending many state water well shows through the years Robert Duke has been involved with some of the various state Scholarship Auctions by helping Auction off donated items to raise money for their scholarship programs. In 2007 Duke Equipment Company, LLC was represented in the following state ground water shows: Kansas, Texas, Mountain States, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  

Serving water well customers has become a way of life for the Duke Family.  The water well industry is a very family oriented trade and we have enjoyed meeting our customer’s families.  We feel like we have become a part of many of our customer’s extended families. 

Past experiences of Robert’s include sales, service, mounting, rebuilding, and remounting many different brands of pump hoists including Pulstar and Semco.  We are always striving to improve our service to our customer’s.  By evaluating our customer’s needs and assuring that our product is keeping up with the ever changing needs of the water well and oil and gas industries.  We would like to make our product as versatile as we can without ever sacrificing safety.  Many of our customer’s have benefited by utilizing a fewer number of more versatile pump hoists saving money by not having equipment just sitting in their yard’s waiting for an occasional job.

 In the past the Hunke 5T unit was the “standard” in the water well industry.  As our water levels have dropped the Hunke 6T is gaining popularity among many of our customers.  It is a unit that can still get in backyards for domestic work but performs beautifully on deeper sets where larger submersible pumps or light turbine pumps are needed.  We carry many different models to fit anyone’s needs from the light R2 all the way up to the 50T.  If you have a need and can’t seem to find the model that fits give us a call and let us help you in the configuration of your next pump hoist.